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Monfox Java Network Communications Products

Core Technologies

Monfox is the industry leader in providing Java based network communications protocol tools and software development kits (SDKs) for the development, testing and simulation of network communications, management and monitoring systems across all industry sectors. The Monfox product suite is specifically tailored to meet the demands of communications companies in today's competitive marketplace.

The Monfox product line is composed of software development suites for the following protocols and technologies (select one):

See the product pages for details on each product line or view the product information below.

Product Summary

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Smart Grid and Power Utility Automation

SmartGridware® is the next generation of Java based Software Development Tools (SDKs) for use in the creation of IEC 61850 and MMS power utility automation software for substation, windfarm, hydroelectric, metering and many other types of utility applications.

The SmartGridware® IEC 61850 product suite includes a variety of Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as well as simulators, tools and applications for the power utility automation. This includes support for Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS), GOOSE and Sampled Value protocols.

Please see our SmartGridware® web site ( for the full list of available products and detailed product information:

SmartGridware® IEC61850 Product Suite 


Telecommunication and Large Enterprise

Monfox is the pioneer of Java based Software Development Kits for the telecommunications industry. As such, we provide the full gamut of Java tools and toolkits for the development and testing of agent and manager applications using the traditional network management protocols:

  • CMIP: Common Management Information Protocol
  • TL1Transaction Language 1
  • SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol

See the following product pages for more information on our traditional telecomm network management protocol software development products:

Monfox also provides solution suites for specific legacy applications within the telecom sector. These include the Electronic Bonding Trouble Administration (EBTA) and Local Number Portability (LNP) Solutions. For more information on these products see:


Enterprise and System Management

For enterprise networks of all sizes, Monfox provides the DynamicSNMP® toolkit for the configuration, management and monitoring of Internet based applications and devices. For more information on the SNMP products provided by Monfox, see:

Industrial Automation and Data Exchange

In addition to the traditional network management protocols, the Monfox product suite includes a generic OSI stack for developing applications for interacting with other types of industrial equipment such as PLCs, data collectors, cameras and trade management systems that support an OSI based protocol.

The DynamicOSI® Java OSI Stack provides APIs and tools for developing OSI based software for any OSI based application protocol. The stack uses an RFC1006 (OSI over TCP/IP) communication stack for lower layer communication and may be paired with 3rd party gateways to provide OSI communication over legacy X.25 networks. For more information see: