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Java MMS Stack SDK

Announcement: New MMS Product for IEC61850 Available

Monfox announces the release of our new SmartGridware™ Java IEC61850 Product Line.

With high level API support for both client and server 61850/MMS application development, the SmartGridware™ products are exactly what you need for the quick and easy development of IEC61850 applications for MMS. Please see the following link for more information:

Overview | Features | IEC61850 | Specifications | Standards | Customization


The DynamicOSI™ Java MMS SDK is a Standalone platform-independent software development kit and API which implements the core message set from the Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) required for implementation of most client and server MMS applications.

The SDK is a simple Java MMS service-based API and OSI protocol stack for performing MMS operations over OSI/RFC1006(TCP/IP). It provides a 100% Java, fully-interoperable, standard-compliant implementation of the following:

  • Core MMS services from ISO 9506-1
  • OSI Asssociation Control Service Element (ACSE)
  • OSI Presentation Layer
  • OSI Session Layer
  • OSI Transport Layer
  • RFC1006 (OSI over TCP/IP)
  • IEC 61850 Client/Server Support


Key Features

Some of the general features of the DynamicOSI™ Java MMS SDK are:

  • 100% Java (Java 1.4 SDK or newer, uses no JNI)
  • Supports both client and server MMS application development
  • Supports both initiator/responder connection modes
  • Runs in the application space (no separate stack processes)
  • Interoperable with all 3rd party OSI over RFC1006 based stacks
  • Includes the OSI stack, no 3rd party stack required

Includes the DynamicOSI™ Java OSI Stack SDK


IEC 61850-8-1 ACSI Support

The DynamicOSI™ Java MMS SDK supports all required MMS services for the IEC 61850-8-1 Abstract Communication Service Interface (ACSI) Client/Server Profiles.

1) Full 61850-8-1 A-Profile Support

Service and protocols for client/server communication A-Profile
OSI Model Layer Specification
  Name Service Spec Protocol Spec
Application Manufacturing Message Spec ISO 9506-1:2003 ISO 9506-2:2003
Association Control Service Element ISO/IEC 8649:1996 ISO/IEC 8650:1996
Presentation Connection Oriented Presentation ISO/IEC 8822:1994 ISO/IEC 8823:1999
Abstract Syntax (ASN.1) ISO/IEC 8824-1:1999 ISO/IEC 8825-1
Session Connection Oriented Session ISO/IEC 8326:1996 ISO/IEC 8327-1:1997

2) Full 61850-8-1 TCP/IP T-Profile Support

Service and protocols for client/server TCP/IP T-Profile
OSI Model Layer Specification
  Name Service Spec Protocol Spec
Transport ISO Transport on top of TCP RFC1006
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) RFC 792
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) RFC 793
NetworkInternet Protocol RFC 791
Datalink/PhysicalSupported by JVM and Underlying Platform

3) Supported 61850-8-1 ACSI to MMS Service Mapping

IEC 61850 Model ACSI Service MMS Services
Server GetServerDirectory GetNameList
Association Associate Initiate
Abort Abort
Release Conclude
Logical Device GetLogicalDeviceDirectory GetNameList
Logical Node GetLogicalNodeDirectory GetNameList, GetDomainAttributes, StoreDomainContents
GetAllDataValues Read
Data GetDataValues Read
SetDataValues Write
GetDataDirectory GetVariableAccessAttributes
GetDataDefinition GetVariableAccessAttributes
Data Set GetDataSetValues Read
SetDataSetValues Write
CreateDataSet DefineNamedVariableList
DeleteDataSet DeleteNamedVariableList
GetDataSetDirectory GetNamedVariableList
Substitution GetDataValues Read
SetDataValues Write
Setting Group Control Block SelectActiveSG Write
SelectEditSG Write
SetSGValues Write
ConfirmEditSGValues Write
GetSGValues Read
GetSGCBValues Read
Report Control Block Report InformationReport
GetBRCBValues Read
SetBRCBValues Write
SetURCBValues Write
GetURCBValues Read
LOG Control Block GetLCBValues Read
SetLCBValues Write
GetLogStatusValues Read
QueryLogByTime ReadJournal
QueryLogAfter ReadJournal
Control Select Read
SelectWithValue Write/InformationReport
Cancel Write/InformationReport
Operate Write/InformationReport
CommandTermination InformationReport
TimeActivatedOperate Write/InformationReport
FILE Transfer GetFile FileOpen, FileRead, FileClose
SetFile ObtainFile
DeleteFile DeleteFile
GetFileAttributeValues FileDirectory

Product Specifications

See the DynamicOSI Java OSI Stack SDK specifications below:


Java Platform Requirements:

  • Java 1.4: JDK 1.4 or newer

Operating System Requirements:

Any operating system which supports the Java versions listed in the Java Platform Requirements section above. Some of the operating systems commonly used with DynamicOSI® are:

  • Microsoft Windows (95,98,XP,NT,2000,7)
  • Linux (Redhat, etc)
  • Hewlett Packard HP-UX
  • Sun Solaris (SPARC & x86)
  • Apple MacOS X

Hardware Requirements:

Minimum Hardware

  • Physical memory (RAM): 256MB
  • Disk space: 5MB (distribution package size)

Recommended Hardware

  • Physical memory (RAM): 512MB or greater
  • Disk space: 10MB (distribution,log,data files)

MMS Support:

IEC 61850-8-1 Client/Server Profile Support

  • Client/Server MMS Services ( 61850-8-1 Section 6.2.1)
  • Client/Server A-Profile Support (61850-8-1 Section 6.2.2)
  • Client/Server TCP/IP T-Profile Support (61850-8-1 Section 6.2.3)

Supported Core MMS Services

  • Status
  • GetNameList
  • Identify
  • Rename
  • Read
  • Write
  • GetVariableAccessAttributes
  • DefinedNamedVariable
  • DeleteVariableAccess
  • DefinedNamedVariableList
  • GetNamedVariableList
  • DeleteNamedVariableList
  • LoadDomainContent
  • StoreDomainContent
  • DeleteDomain
  • GetDomainAttributes
  • ObtainFile
  • ReadJournal
  • WriteJournal
  • InitializeJournal
  • ReportJournalStatus
  • CreateJournal
  • DeleteJournal
  • GetCapabilityList
  • FileOpen
  • FileRead
  • FileClose
  • FileRename
  • FileDelete
  • FileDirectory
  • Conclude
  • InformationReport
Note: Additional MMS Services added upon request

Supported Standards

The following standards are currently implemented by the DynamicOSI™ Java MMS SDK

  • IEC 61850-8-1: Specific Comm. Service Mapping: ACSI Mappings to MMS
  • ISO 9506-1: Manufacturing Message Spec - Service Definitions
  • ISO 9506-2: Manufacturing Message Spec - Protocol Definitions
  • RFC 1006: OSI over TCPIP (CMIP/OSI over TCP/IP)
  • ITU-T X.214 | ISO/IEC 8072: OSI - Transport Service Definition
  • ITU-T X.224 | ISO/IEC 8073: OSI - Transport Protocol Specification
  • ITU-T X.215 | ISO/IEC 8326: OSI - Session Service Definition
  • ITU-T X.225 | ISO/IEC 8327: OSI - Session Protocol Specification
  • ITU-T X.216 | ISO/IEC 8822: OSI - Presentation Service Definition
  • ITU-T X.226 | ISO/IEC 8823-1: OSI - Presentation Protocol Specification
  • ITU-T X.217 | ISO/IEC 8649: Association Control Service Element
                        - (ACSE) Service Definition
  • ITU-T X.227 | ISO/IEC 8650-1: Association Control Service Element
                        - (ACSE) Protocol Definition
  • ITU-T X.680 | ISO/IEC 8824-1: Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
  • ITU-T X.681 | ISO/IEC 8824-2: ASN.1 Information Object Syntax
  • ITU-T X.682 | ISO/IEC 8824-3: ASN.1 Constraint Specification
  • ITU-T X.683 | ISO/IEC 8824-4: ASN.1 Parameterization of ASN.1
  • ITU-T X.690 | ISO/IEC 8825-1: ASN.1 Basic/Canonical/Distinguished
                       Encoding Rules (BER/DER/CER)

You can download the DynamicOSI™ Java MMS SDK evaluation here: