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About Monfox

Company Background

Monfox provides network management protocol APIs, tools and simulators which facilitate the development of Java based communications software solutions. Our products are specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of equipment vendors, application developers, service providers and contractors in the areas of industrial automation, power utility automation, telecommunications, government/defense and enterprise network management.

Started in 1997 to provide software development products to the telecommunication industry, Monfox has since expanded its offerings to provide products and services to customers across many different sectors of industry.

Monfox products are used across the globe by companies ranging from small start-ups to massive multi-national corporations.


Why YOU Should Chose Monfox

  • World Class Support - Monfox's product support is unmatched in the industry. By providing a range of product support services which include one-on-one developer guidance, rapid turnaround on patches/updates, customer driven enhancements, customer specific release maintenance, custom releases, source code licensing and developer training, Monfox can deliver the level of support required for any project.
  • Java Portability- Monfox provides Java based support for the common network communications protocols. Almost all protocol tools and toolkits are written entirely in Java. This allows the user to leverage the benefits of Java such as platform independence, short development cycles, ease of deployment, etc.
  • Standards Based - Monfox products are implemented in accordance with the all of the applicable standards. Whether you are developing a telecommunications, industrial automation or power utility automation based application you can be sure that the Monfox products will provide you the highest level of standards compliance available.
  • Industrial Grade - The Monfox product suite is implemented to the high standards of performance, stability and reliability required by the telecommunications, utility and manufacturing industries.
  • Rapid Development - The Monfox Toolkits are designed to simplify the application development process and shorten development cycles. By providing easy-to-use APIs and simple development tools, Monfox minimizes the developer 'ramp-up' time and overall development time required to implement complex management applications.
  • Developer Oriented - The designers at Monfox have used their combined experience in network management in order to maximize the utility of the Monfox toolkits to the application developer. Through the use of high-level APIs and extensible component technologies, the Monfox toolkits relieve developers of the mundane tasks associated with network management protocols and allow them to concentrate on the application itself. By providing both low and high level APIs as well as metadata oriented information modeling, the Monfox toolkits allow engineers to rapidly develop applications which are dynamic, extensible and easily maintained.