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Customer Testimonials


Here is what some of Monfox's customers are saying:

"Monfox DynamicSNMP Agent SDK is a great product -- very nicely engineered. We have been extremely happy with it. Their technical support is outstanding and very responsive."

Rajendra Inamdar, Software Staff/Team Lead
Oracle/BEA, USA

"The adoption of the ITU-T Q3 standards for management of Telecommunications have always been hampered by the complexities involved in the construction of equipment vendor independent Network Management Applications. Monfox has really abstracted these complexities and is delivering true value to the Telco market segment with its toolset.

The fact that Monfox's position as a niche market player that specialises in the provision of Network Management APIs, allows Monfox to retain their agility and this is already adding significant value to our business. We find Monfox extremely flexible and willing to accommodate addition of new product features to suite our customer needs."

Ben Hechter, Co-Founder
GlobeTOM, South Africa

"Monfox and its people are very knowledgeable in the fields they represent and their products are very well written and documented. The API's that are exposed are very high level and are designed for application developers to take full advantage of the protocol stack underneath. I would rate there products, people and service they offer on a scale of 10 at about 9+."

Vinay Saxena, Sr. Technical Consultant

"We got professional answers, and always within a short period of time. It never happened that we had a problem that Monfox didn't solve to our satisfaction. In few words, we are very happy that we chose Monfox and we will do it again with confidence."

Michele Hallak-Stamler, Dir. of Storage/Network Mgmt.
SANRAD Ltd., Israel

"Our experience with DynamicTMN could not been better. Our first use of the product was during an HP's project for one of the top companies in Brazil, with a very tight schedule and we needed to provide fast and reliable solution to this demanding customer.

"We received very responsive support from Monfox since the beginning which made possible for us to have a very fast start and meet the deadlines. Their self-study training materials were also very helpful. We were able to start using the system in less than a week. We were able to install it on the HP-UX server with no hitches and with good performance.

"Also, object oriented architecture of DynamicTMN is clear and straight forward, integrating smoothly into our system. Monfox provides some very good development tools as well as a very compliant GDMO compiler. So, I would certainly recommend DynamicTMN."

Rodolfo Ferreira, Consultant
Hewlett Packard, Brazil

"We had an excellent experience with Monfox's DynamicTMN and other toolkits. The quality of the product and the technology architecture, caliber of the people offering support, promptness of the resolving issues and queries. Empathy for business objective of ensuring the customer is satisfied seems like the key driver of the company and the product team. Monfox will always be our first choice vendor for their product range."

Sunil Kumar, Regional Business Manager
CoSystems Inc, USA.

"We purchased DynamicTL1 package to assist in developing our TL1 Agent, and were very pleased to see that the product worked exactly as specified in their documentation. The software's extensive and easy to use API allowed a single software engineer to implement the TL1 agent in a very short period of time.

"Monfox demonstrated a sincere commitment to supporting Turin. The minor issues we encountered were resolved with outstanding speed. New features were added based on our request, promptly and at no additional cost."

Chin Wang, Director, Network Management Software
Turin Networks, USA

"I had the pleasure of integrating Monfox TL1 products into a critical performance telecommunications product. The integration went smoothly, with the Monfox team providing technical support, fixes, and special features more quickly than I had reason to expect. The additional tools that were included with the product greatly eased debugging, and provided a fine mechanism for integration and regression testing.

"I look forward to an opportunity to work with Monfox's people and products on future projects."

Stan Froyd, Principal Software Engineer
Occam Networks, USA

"In more than 1 year and a half, DynamicTL1 product has proven to be very solid. The compiler rigorously follows the TL1 standards. I never encountered one discrepancy between the compiler and the Telcordia standards. Adding a new command or modifying one is made very easy with the text files. In addition, the choice between the code that is available in the API and the code hidden from us has been very well thought. To summarize, DynamicTL1 has been very easy to use and very reliable.

"Your technical support staff has been an invaluable help. The responsiveness was very impressive: if not the same day, I would get an answer or an update by the next day, and it never affected my own deliveries. On many occasions, we received extra utilities or a snippet of code for us to use, every time in a very short notice. This saved us a lot of time, effort and resources.

"All along, I have valued your product and support, and I would be in favor of doing business with you again if I had the opportunity."

Beatrice Louarn, Software Engineer
BTI Photonic Systems, Canada

"The DynamicSNMP product is very good. During the last year, we did not find any bug. The documentation is very efficient. We found technical support to be very responsive and accurate. I would certainly consider DynamicSNMP for my future projects."

Patrick JOLLIVET, Technical Program Manager
Niji, France