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Training Services

Our professional services team is made up of experienced engineers that have spent their entire careers in the network management industry. From our past experience, we strongly believe that a successful project can only be achieved through a well-qualified staff. To help you maintain such an expert team, Monfox has developed a series of highly effective training courses that focus specifically on network management concepts, open network standards, network management protocols, network management applications, and Monfox's network management development toolkits.

Monfox currently offers the following training courses:


DynamicTL1® Application Development

This course provides an overview of the components which compose the DynamicTL1 Java SDK. This course provides a basic overview of the TL1 protocol followed by an indepth study of the DynamicTL1 Core Messaging API and DynamicTL1 Agent APIs. This course includes information on the following topics:

  • The TL1 Protocol
  • DynamicTL1 Metadata
  • DynamicTL1 Messaging Components
  • DynamicTL1 Manager API
  • DynamicTL1 Security
  • DynamicTL1 Agent API
  • DynamicTL1 Agent Simulator
  • DynamicTL1 Application Architecture

DynamicTMN® Application Development

This course provides an overview of the DynamicTMN Toolkit and how to use DynamicTMN to implement network management applications. This course includes sections on the following topics:

  • Introduction to TMN network management
  • DynamicTMN Metadata (GDMO/ASN.1 Metadata)
  • DynamicTMN API Architecture
  • DynamicTMN High Level Manager API
  • DynamicTMN Event Handling
  • DynamicTMN ASN.1 API

TMN Concepts and Principles

This course provides an overview of the Telecommunications Management Network(TMN) and the concepts and technologies required to implement TMN network systems. This course includes sections on the following TMN related technologies and how they are used:

  • Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects (GDMO)
  • Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
  • Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP)
  • Common Management Information Service (CMIS)

Custom Training

In addition to the standard training courses, Monfox also offers customized training courses that are tailored to meet each customer's needs. We can help you build a series of custom in-house training courses to help your new hires get past the learning curve and into the development cycle faster with much less frustration.

Please contact us in order to schedule a training session or to receive more information on our current educational offerings.