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The CMIP Agent Simulator is a generic Java-based CMIP agent simulator for use in the development and verification of CMIP manager applications. During application development and testing, it is often very difficult to obtain access to an actual CMIP device or 3rd party agent test system for extended periods of time. This can greatly impact delivery and deployment schedules. The CMIP Agent Simulator can help you alleviate this problem by providing a dedicated simulation environment for use by your development and verification teams.


Key Features

Some of the key features of the CMIP Agent Simulator are:

  • 100% Java (JRE 1.2 or greater)
  • supports M-GET, M-SET, M-CREATE and M-DELETE
  • built-in MIT/MIB support for CMIS scoping and filtering
  • built-in support for standard X.721 notification types
  • built-in Event Forwarding Discriminator (EFD) support
  • Management Information Tree (MIT) support
  • default resolution of NAME-BINDINGs for M-CREATE operations
  • supports RFC1006 (CMIP/OSI over TCP/IP)
  • XML configurable agent framework
  • XML based MIB persistence (MOs stored as XML)
  • XML based MIB population
  • extensible to add custom behaviors/M-ACTION support

For examples of configuring and running the agent simulator, please download the DynamicTMN® CMIP Suite evaluation package.


Product Specifications

See the CMIP Agent Simulator specifications below:


Java Platform Requirements:

  • Java 2: JDK 1.2 or newer

Operating System Requirements:

Any operating system which supports the Java versions listed in the Java Platform Requirements section above. Some of the operating systems commonly used with the DynamicTMN® products are:

  • Microsoft Windows (95,98,XP,NT,2000)
  • Linux (Redhat, etc)
  • Hewlett Packard HP-UX
  • Sun Solaris (SPARC & x86)
  • Apple MacOS X

Hardware Requirements:

Minimum Hardware

  • Physical memory (RAM): 256MB
  • Disk space: 50MB (distribution package size)

Recommended Hardware

  • Physical memory (RAM): 512MB or greater
  • Disk space: 100MB (distribution,log,data files)

NOTE: the amount of memory and disk space will vary depending upon the details of your specific application. Please email monfox support to get the recommended requirements for your specific deployment.

Protocol Stack Support:

The CMIP Agent Simulator includes the following protocol stacks:

 Stack   Description   Package 
RFC1006 CMIP/OSI over TCP/IP included
LOCAL JVM Optimized Intra-JVM Stack included
eBonding ANSI.TR-40 + RFC1006 add-on
OSI/X.25 CMIP over OSI/X.25 add-on

Product Evaluation:

For a simulator configuration examples, users guide, and much more please download the DynamicTMN® CMIP Suite evaluation package.


Supported Standards

The CMIP Agent Simulator has built-in support for certain elements from the following standards:

  • Java 2: Java 2 SDK version 1.2 or greater
  • TMF 040: Based on the TMForum ASN.1 API Standard
  • TMF 041: Based on the TMForum CMIS API Standard
  • TMF 042: Based on the TMForum GDMO API Standard
  • ITU-T X.208/X.680: Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
  • ITU-T X.209/X.690: ASN.1 Basic Encoding Rules (BER)
  • ITU-T X.219: Remote Operations (ROSE) Service Definition
  • ITU-T X.229: Remote Operations (ROSE) Protocol
  • ITU-T X.701: Systems Management Overview
  • ITU-T X.710: Common Management Information Service (CMIS)
  • ITU-T X.711: Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP)
  • ITU-T X.720: Structure of Management Information (SMI)
  • ITU-T X.721: Definition of Management Information (DMI)
  • ITU-T X.722: Guidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects (GDMO)
  • ITU-T X.723: Generic Management Function
  • ITU-T X.725: General Relationship Model
  • ITU-T X.730: Object Management Function
  • ITU-T X.731: State Management Function
  • ITU-T X.732: Attributes for Representing Relationships
  • ITU-T X.733: Alarm Reporting Function
  • ITU-T X.734: Event Report Management Function
  • RFC1006: OSI over TCPIP (CMIP/OSI over TCP/IP)

In addition to these standards, the CMIP Agent Simulator can also be used with ANY other technology specific standard (SONET,ATM, LNP, Trouble Admin, etc), vendor proprietary GDMO and ASN.1 information model or vendor information model extensions through the use of the included ASN.1 and GDMO compiler. For example, some of the other information models commonly used with DynamicTMN® are:

  • ITU-T M.3100: Generic Network Information Model
  • ITU-T G.774 : Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Information Model
  • ITU-T Q.821 : Q3 Interface Alarm Surveillance
  • ITU-T Q.822 : Q3 Interface Performance Management
  • and so on ...


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