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The DynamicTL1® Java TL1 Agent SDK provides a high-level generic application framework for the development of robust TL1 Agents for a variety of deployment scenarios including:

Through the use of layered APIs and TL1 message metadata, the components of DynamicTL1® Agent SDK work together to shield TL1 application developers from the complexity of the underlying TL1 message syntax and structure, allowing them to concentrate on what matters - producing high quality network management applications.


Key Features

Some of the key features of the DynamicTL1® Agent SDK are:

  • 100% Java, works with Java 2 SDK version 1.2 or greater
  • Strongly-typed APIs (for understandability)
  • High-reliability carrier-grade components
  • High-performance, optimized message processing
  • Metadata driven message parsing and parameter access
  • Simultaneous support for multiple TL1 command-sets
  • Automatic validation of incoming commands
  • Error code to text mapping
  • High performance generic message handling
  • Extensible, transport-independent communications interface
  • Automatic TL1 session management (agent role)
  • Automatic response/CTAG management
  • Extensible command processors
  • Automatic response block splitting (Default: >4Kbytes)
  • Automatic command acknowledgment (within 2 seconds)
  • TL1 North Bound Interface (NBI) support
  • Support for gateway NE agent development
  • Built-in standard TL1 security implementation
  • Built-in TL1 notification dispatching
  • Support for AID grouping and ranging
  • Metadata-based TL1 agent code generation
  • XML based agent configuration (optional)
  • Built-in support for multiple transports

    - TL1 over TCP/IP
    - TL1 over SSL
    - TL1 over SSH
    - TL1 over Serial

  • Built in support for user oriented interfaces

    - VT100/Telnet Command Line Interface (CLI) Adaptor
    - command line buffering
    - command line history
    - command completion
    - password hiding
    - etc...

For code examples, developer guides and and API Javadoc, please download the DynamicTL1® Suite evaluation package.


Included Components

The DynamicTL1® Agent SDK includes the following high-level Java APIs:

as well as the following Java based development tool:


Product Specifications

See the DynamicTL1® Agent SDK specifications below:


Java Platform Requirements:

  • Java 2: JDK 1.2 or newer

Operating System Requirements:

Any operating system which supports the Java versions listed in the Java Platform Requirements section above. Some of the operating systems commonly used with the DynamicTL1® products are:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux (Redhat, etc)
  • Hewlett Packard HP-UX
  • Sun Solaris (SPARC & x86)
  • Apple MacOS X

Hardware Requirements:

Minimum Hardware

  • Physical memory (RAM): 256MB
  • Disk space: 20MB (distribution package size)

Recommended Hardware

  • Physical memory (RAM): 512MB or greater
  • Disk space: 30MB (distribution,log,data files)

NOTE: the amount of memory and disk space will vary depending upon the details of your specific application. Please email monfox support to get the recommended requirements for your specific deployment.

Product Evaluation:

For API usage examples, developer guides, and much more, please download the DynamicTL1® Suite evaluation package.


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