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Java TL1 Agent Development API

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The Java TL1 Agent API builds upon the Java TL1 Messaging API to add the functionality required to develop and deploy robost Java TL1 agent applications for use in Network Elements, NMS/EMS TL1 North Bound interfaces (NBIs), TL1 protocol adaptors, etc.

High-level Agent Framework

The TL1 agent API implements a metadata-driven high-level programming interface for implementing individual custom TL1 command processors. By using the metadata based agent code generator along with the multitude of convenience classes and prepackaged plug-ins, you can now develop a fully functional Java based TL1 agent in a fraction of the time it would to take using in-house TL1 libraries or low-level TL1 vendor APIs.


Key Features

In addition to the features of the Java TL1 Messaging API, the Java TL1 Agent API provides the following:

  • 100% Java, works with Java 2 SDK version 1.2 or greater
  • Automatic TL1 session management (agent role)
  • Automatic response/CTAG management
  • Extensible command processors
  • Multiple transport support from a single agent
  • Automatic command format validation
  • Automatic response block splitting (Default: >4Kbytes)
  • Automatic command acknowledgement (within 2 seconds)
  • TL1 North Bound Interface (NBI) support
  • Support for gateway NE agent development
  • Built-in standard TL1 security implementation
  • Built-in TL1 notification dispatching
  • Support for AID grouping and ranging
  • Metadata-based TL1 agent code generation
  • XML based agent configuration (optional)
  • Built-in support for multiple transports

    - TL1 over TCP/IP
    - TL1 over SSL
    - TL1 over SSH
    - TL1 over Serial

  • Built in support for user oriented interfaces

    - VT100/Telnet Command Line Interface (CLI) Adaptor
    - command line buffering
    - command line history
    - command completion
    - password hiding
    - etc...

DynamicTL1® Generic Agent Information Infrastructure

The DynamicTL1 Agent SDK also includes support for XML driven TL1 Managed Objects (MO), a TL1 Managed Information Base (MIB) and generic command processors in order to provide organization to the TL1 agent. This functionality is perfect for constructing data-driven TL1 agents and generic agent simulators. Its features include:

  • TL1 Managed Object Support (mapping of TL1 data to MOs)
  • TL1 Management Information Base (TL1 MIB)
  • Automatic processing of RTRV/SET/ENT/DLT/ED operations
  • Automatic AID to TL1 MO resolution
  • XML based TL1 Managed Object initializating
  • Built-in Security Support (ACT-USER/CANC-USER)
  • Dynamic loading of custom command processors

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