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In most companies, the network equipment available for network management system testing and verification is always at a premium. For this reason, the use of agent simulators to reproduce agent behavior has become quite common. The Monfox DynamicTL1® TL1 Agent Simulator contains a unique set of tools for the creation of TL1 agent simulators that can reproduce the behavior required for the majority of simulation scenarios.

In order to further enhance the utility of the simulator, Monfox also offers the DynamicTL1® Agent Replicator. The agent replicator is used to quickly capture the contents of an actual TL1 agent by issuing a set of pre-defined TL1 commands and using the response data to create a replica of the agent's information content. Within minutes the DynamicTL1 Agent Replicator can build an XML representation of the target agent MIB for use in the DynamicTL1 Agent Simulator.


DynamicTL1® TL1 Agent Simulator (Java)

The DynamicTL1® Agent Simulator is a standalone Java application built using the TL1 Agent Java SDK. It provides a framework for generating TL1 agent simulators which perform a data level simulator of any TL1 commands. By simply defining the set of TL1 commands supported by an agent and providing the agent data using the simulator's XML definition format, anyone can generate complex TL1 agent simulators for almost any type of TL1 device.

Since the DynamicTL1 Agent Simulator is built on top of the DynamicTL1 Agent SDK, you also have the flexibility to write custom command processors and custom behavior if desired.

The primary features of the agent simulator include:

  • All features of the TL1 Agent Java SDK
  • 100% Java, works with Java 2 SDK version 1.2 or greater
  • XML configurable generic TL1 command processors
  • Default handling of RTRV,SET,ENT,DLT and ED commands
  • Generic support for ACT-USER and CANC-USER
  • XML driven simulator data
  • TL1 simulator control through TL1 command interface
  • Event simulation and testing interface
  • User extensible TL1 command processors
  • Support for dynamically loadable custom TL1 command processors
  • May be used with the DynamicTL1® Agent Replicator

DynamicTL1® TL1 Agent Replicator (Java)

The DynamicTL1® Agent Replicator provides the ability to rapidly generate TL1 Agent Simulator configuration and data files from existing TL1 agents. By issuing TL1 commands to an existing TL1 agent, the replicator can build all of the data files needed in order to perform a data level simulation of the agent using the DynamicTL1 Agent Simulator. The primary features of the DynamicTL1 Agent Replicator include:

  • 100% Java, (JRE version 1.2 or greater)
  • Automatic TL1 command generation from TL1 metadata
  • Uses same TL1 metadata as other DynamicTL1 products
  • User configurable TL1 command formats
  • Generates all necessary simulator data files
  • May be run in 'safe mode' (issue only RTRV commands)
  • Rapid construction of TL1 agent simulator
  • Will work with custom command processors
  • User configurable communications parameters
  • Used with the DynamicTL1® Agent Simulator

Product Specifications

See the DynamicTL1® Agent Simulator/Replicator specifications below:


Java Platform Requirements:

  • Java 2: JDK 1.2 or newer

Operating System Requirements:

Any operating system which supports the Java versions listed in the Java Platform Requirements section above. Some of the operating systems commonly used with the DynamicTL1® products are:

  • Microsoft Windows (95,98,XP,NT,2000)
  • Linux (Redhat, etc)
  • Hewlett Packard HP-UX
  • Sun Solaris (SPARC & x86)
  • Apple MacOS X

Hardware Requirements:

Minimum Hardware

  • Physical memory (RAM): 256MB
  • Disk space: 20MB (distribution package size)

Recommended Hardware

  • Physical memory (RAM): 512MB or greater
  • Disk space: 30MB (distribution,log,data files)

Product Evaluation:

For simulator/replicator usage examples, users guide, and much more, please download the DynamicTL1® Suite evaluation package.


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