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The DynamicOSI® ASN.1 SDK for Java is a Standalone platform-independent Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) Software Development Kit (SDK) that supports the latest ASN.1 standards.

The SDK is a simple Java API and ASN.1 compiler which uses ASN.1 metadata rather than code-generation for ASN.1 data and value access. As such, the overall maintained source code base is smaller (no generated code) and the API allows for dynamic updates to generic mediation and translation applications by simply loading a new ASN.1 metadata file rather than recompiling the application and all of the generic code.

The API provides a 100% Java, fully inter-operable, standard-compliant implementation of the ASN.1 standards including:

  • ASN.1 Syntax (X.680)
  • Parameterization(X.683), Information Objects(X.681) and Constraints(X.682)
  • Basic Encoding Rules (BER) (X.690)
  • Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER) (X.690)
  • Canonical Encoding Rules (CER) (X.690)

Download DynamicOSI® Stack SDK Evaluation 


Key Features

Some of the general features of the DynamicOSI® ASN.1 SDK are:

  • 100% Java (Java 1.4 SDK or newer, uses no JNI)
  • Metadata Based - all ASN.1 definitions accessible through metadata API
  • Generic ASN.1 API - consistent easy to use API
  • No Code Generation - simpler, smaller application code
  • ASN.1 Compiler supports both strict and loose ASN.1 compilation modes
  • Fast BER, CER and DER encoding/decoding
  • Detailed debug logging available

Some of the specific features of the individual SDK components are:


Code Examples

Below are some examples of ASN.1 files and manipulating the ASN.1 structures using the DynamicOSI® ASN.1 SDK.

Simple ASN.1 Example

This example shows how to create and access the values from most of the common ASN.1 types:

Parameter ASN.1 Example

This example shows how to work with ASN.1 Parameterized Types:

Information Object ASN.1 Example

This example shows how to work with ASN.1 Information Objects:


Product Specifications

See the DynamicOSI Java ASN.1 SDK specifications below:


Java Platform Requirements:

  • Java 1.4: JDK 1.4 or newer

Operating System Requirements:

Any operating system which supports the Java versions listed in the Java Platform Requirements section above. Some of the operating systems commonly used with DynamicOSI® are:

  • Microsoft Windows (95,98,XP,NT,2000,7)
  • Linux (Redhat, etc)
  • Hewlett Packard HP-UX
  • Sun Solaris (SPARC & x86)
  • Apple MacOS X

Hardware Requirements:

Minimum Hardware

  • Physical memory (RAM): 256MB
  • Disk space: 5MB (distribution package size)

Recommended Hardware

  • Physical memory (RAM): 512MB or greater
  • Disk space: 10MB (distribution,log,data files)

Supported Standards

The following standards are currently implemented by the DynamicOSI™ Java ASN.1 SDK:

  • ITU-T X.680 | ISO/IEC 8824-1: Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
  • ITU-T X.681 | ISO/IEC 8824-2: ASN.1 Information Object Syntax
  • ITU-T X.682 | ISO/IEC 8824-3: ASN.1 Constraint Specification
  • ITU-T X.683 | ISO/IEC 8824-4: ASN.1 Parameterization of ASN.1
  • ITU-T X.690 | ISO/IEC 8825-1: ASN.1 Basic/Canonical/Distinguished Encoding Rules (BER/DER/CER)

You can download the DynamicOSI® Java ASN.1 SDK evaluation here: