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The SNMP Agent Simulator is a platform-independent SNMP simulator built using the Monfox SNMP Agent SDK.

The default SNMP agent simulator supports a statically defined simulation of a single SNMP agent where the MIB is populated from an XML configuration file containing SNMP MIB data and agent configuration information. It includes most of the features of the SNMP Agent SDK and is extensible through the agent APIs provided in the agent SDK. You can download the simulator as part of the DynamicSNMP® Suite evaluation package.

Download DynamicSNMP® Suite Evaluation 

Custom SNMP Agent Simulators - We Can Help

Every company has different requirements for their SNMP simulation environment. For this reason Monfox provides a simulator customization service which can, in most cases, provide you with the simulation functionality you require at a lower cost than other vendor's shrink-wrapped SNMP simulators. Some examples of the customizations include:

  • large scale heterogeneous agent simulator
  • custom replication of existing agents
  • simulator command line interface for simulator control
  • external simulator interface (via UDP) for simulator control
  • network 'state' based simulation with multiple state support
  • auto-generation of values for IP abnd MAC address MIB variables
  • periodic, time based network state switching
  • on-the-fly MIB loading
  • automatic trap generation
  • simulation of agent communication failures
  • add your features here ...

If you are interested in learning more about how Monfox can provide you with a custom agent simulator which meets your specific requirements, please contact Monfox with a description of your requirements and we will get back to you ASAP.