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The DynamicTL1® Java TL1 Manager API builds upon the Java TL1 Messaging API to add the functionality required to develop flexible Java TL1 manager applications such as Network/Element Management Systems (NMS/EMS), Local Craft Interfaces (LCIs), and TL1 protocol adaptors.

High-level Manager Framework

The manager API implements a metadata-driven high-level programming interface optimized for high-performance processing of TL1 messages. With features such as support for multiple simultaneous TL1 command sets, a TL1 gateway manager API, and automatic session management, the manager API makes your task of developing complex TL1 manager applications a snap.


Key Features

In addition to the features of the Java TL1 Messaging API, the Java TL1 Manager API provides the following :

  • 100% Java, works with Java 2 SDK version 1.2 or greater
  • Transport independent messaging APIs
  • Synchronous, asynchronous pseudo-synchronous messaging
  • Configurable command timeouts
  • Listener based TL1 notification delivery
  • Multiple simultaneous device model/TL1 command set support
  • Automatic CTAG management (configurable)
  • Outgoing command validation (for user interfaces)
  • TL1 Gateway API for indirect NE access and management
  • Optimized for multiple NE communication
  • Automatic TL1 session management

    - auto-connect
    - heartbeat
    - auto-login

  • Manager role telnet protocol adaptor
  • Built-in support for multiple transports

    - TL1 over TCP/IP
    - TL1 over SSL
    - TL1 over SSH
    - TL1 over Serial


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