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The eBonding/TA XML Translator API is a high-level Java-based XML/CMIS conversion module which translates between ANSI T1.227/228 Trouble Administration (TA) CMIS messages and ANSI T1.278-200X (tML-TA) XML messages as well as between ANSI T1.262 Mechanized Loop Test (MLT) CMIS messages and ANSI T1.277-200X (tML-ServiceTest) XML messages.

The API includes translation of request, response and notification messages for the following Trouble Administration related functions:

  • Enter Trouble Report
  • Request Trouble Report Status
  • Request Trouble Report Format
  • Add Trouble Information
  • Modify Other Trouble Report Attributes
  • Trouble Report Attribute Value Change
  • Cancel Trouble Report
  • Verify Repair Completion
  • Trouble History Event Notification
  • Trouble Report Progress Update Notification
  • Trouble Report Status Update Notification
  • Trouble Report Commitment Time Update Notification
  • Enrol Trouble Report Notification
  • Deenrol Trouble Report Notification
  • Enrol Trouble Report Format Definition Notification
  • Deenrol Trouble Report Format Definition Notification

as implemented by the following ANSI T1.278-200X defined tML-TA messages:

  • RequestTroubleReportCreationRequest/Response
  • RetrieveTroubleReportStatusRequest/Response
  • RetrieveTroubleReportFormatRequest/Response
  • AddTroubleInfoRequest/Response
  • VerifyRepairCompletionRequest/Response
  • ModifyAttributesRequest/Response
  • CancelTroubleReportRequest/Response
  • RetrieveAttributesByTroubleReportIdRequest/Response
  • ConfirmNotificationReceiptRequest/Response
  • TroubleHistoryEventNotification
  • TroubleReportStatusOrCommitmentTimeUpdateNotification
  • TroubleReportProgressNotification
  • TroubleReportCreatedNotification
  • AttributeValueChangeNotification
  • DeleteTroubleReportNotification
  • EnrolTroubleReportFormatNotification
  • DeenrolTroubleReportFormatNotification
  • AVCTroubleReportFormatDefinitionNotification

The API also includes translation of request and response messages for the following Mechanized Loop Test function:

  • POTS Uncontrolled Test

as implemented by the following ANSI T1.277-200X defined tML-ServiceTest message:

  • POTSUncontrolledTestRequest/Response

The API provides bi-directional translation for use in the development of both eBonding Agent Gateway and eBonding Manager Gateway applications.


API Features

Some of the key features of the eBonding/TA XML Translator API are:

  • 100% Java (Java 2 SDK version 1.2 or greater)
  • CMIS/XML translation of all trouble report messages
  • supports ANSI T1.278-200X (tML-TA) XML schema
  • supports ANSI T1.277-200X (tML-ServiceTest) XML schema
  • supports ANSI T1.227, T1.228 and T1.262 eBonding standards
  • supports customization of XML/CMIS value translations
  • supports both Agent and Manager eBonding Gateway development
  • configurable for different EBTA gateway configurations
  • may be used with Java/Web Services technologies (SOAP, WSDL, JMS, etc)

There are also some configurable features and functionality supported by this API as listed below:

  • automatic 'packages' attribute population for M-CREATE requests
  • extended mode XML support to add additonal information to XML messages
  • autodetermination of networkId based on the incoming XML requests
  • automatic agent role response population from incoming requests
  • automatic schema namespace population for top-level XML messages

eBonding/TA XML Translator API Classes and Usage

The eBonding/TA XML Translator API has one primary API class named XmlEBTATranslatorApi which provides access to all XML/CMIS translation functions. It may be is instantiated through a factory method such that API extensions can be easily registered with the API in order to support custom translators, etc.

This API is not typically used standalone but rather as a parameter to one of the following high-level eBonding/TA APIs:

Please see these other APIs for typical usage scenarios.


EBTA/MLT Standards Supported

The eBonding/TA XML Translator API provides support for the following Electronic Bonding related standards:

  • ANSI T1.227: Trouble Administration Information Data Model
  • ANSI T1.228: Trouble Administration Service Interface
  • ANSI T1.262: Service Test Function/Mechanized Loop Test
  • ANSI T1.278-200X: Trouble Administration XML Schema (tML-TA)
  • ANSI T1.277-200X: ServiceTest XML Schema (tML-ServiceTest)
  • ANSI T1.TR-40: Electronic Bonding Security
  • CMIP/RFC1006: CMIP/OSI over TCP
  • and all additional standards required by the above.

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