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The CMIP eBonding/TA XML Agent Gateway API is an extensible high-level Java application framework used in the implementation of CMIP Electronic Bonding Agent Gateways for Trouble Administration (EBTA) and Mechanized Loop Test (MLT). It provides an external ANSI T1.227/228/262 compliant CMIP eBonding Agent interface for communication with your trading partner's EBTA CMIP Manager Gateway and an ANSI T1.277/278 XML messaging backend for easy integration with your own internal trouble ticketing and administration system (eg. Remedy, Clarify, proprietary legacy, etc).


API Features

Some of the key features of the eBonding/TA XML Agent Gateway API are:

  • 100% Java (Java 2 SDK version 1.2 or greater)
  • uses the eBonding/TA XML Translator API for XML to CMIS translations
  • ANSI standard compliant CMIP and XML interfaces.
  • transparent translation between XML and CMIS
  • encapsulates all GDMO, CMIS and ASN.1 API interaction
  • you only need to implement to XML transport interface
  • easy integration with existing trouble administration systems
  • configurable through XML configuration files
  • may be used with other Java/XML technologies (SOAP,WSDL,JMS, etc)

eBonding/TA XML Agent Gateway API Classes

The eBonding/TA XML Agent Gateway API provides an extensible top level agent gateway class which implements the core CMIS message processing framework along with a transport adapter interface and core transport implementation class which provides some of the necessary communications related processing. The API additionally includes messaging classes which represent the outstanding operations which are being processed by the agent.

The primary classes used directly by most agent gateway implementations are:

  • XmlEBTAAgentGateway
  • XmlEBTATransportAdapter
  • XmlEBTACoreTransportAdapter

There are 3 main steps in implementing an agent gateway using this API:

  1. extend the XmlEBTACoreTransportAdapter - provide your own XML transport - you can use SOAP,JMS,MQ,file system,propietary,etc
  2. extend the XmlEBTAAgentGateway class - load your own custom XML parameters if needed - attach your custom transport adapter to the framework
  3. set up your XML configuration file - include CMIP communications and security parameters - configure logging and framework parameters - include eBonding specific parameters (networkId, etc)

eBonding/TA XML Agent Gateway API Examples

The following example shows where to include your custom XML transport processing code to send XML messages to and receive XML messages from your internal trouble ticketing system.

    public class CustomTransportAdapter 
                          extends XmlEBTACoreTransportAdapter
      public CustomTransportAdapter(XmlEBTAAgentGateway gw)

      public void processMessage()

         // -- ------------------------------------------- --
         // -- You can use SOAP,JMS,MQ, etc                --
         // -- ------------------------------------------- --

         Element xml_msg     = ... // -- received XML message
         long correlation_id = ..  // -- received correlation-ID

         // -- 
         // -- pass the XML message and correlationID to the API
         // -- 
         this.receiveXml(xml_msg, correlation_id);

       * Must implement abstract sendXML method.
      public long sendXml(Element xml_request,
                          long correlation_id) 
                               throws XmlEBTATransportException

          // -- ------------------------------------------- --
          // -- you can use XML,SOAP,JMS,MQ, etc.           --
          // -- ------------------------------------------- --

          return correlation_id;

The next code segment shows an example implementation of the XmlEBTAAgentGateway class which uses the CustomTransportAdapter.

   public class Example_EBTAAgentGateway 
                extends XmlEBTAAgentGateway
      public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception

         // --
         // -- create, configure and initialize the agent
         // --
         Example_EBTAAgentGateway agent = 
                        new Example_EBTAAgentGateway();

         agent.configure("config.xml"); // init. agent
         agent.initializeTransport();   // init. custom adapter
         agent.initializeData();        // init. agent structures

            try{ Thread.sleep(1000); } catch(Exception e) { }

      public Example_EBTAAgentGateway() throws Exception
         super("Example_EBTAAgentGateway", "ebTAAgentGateway");

      public void initializeTransport()
            // -- 
            // -- Create new Custom TransportAdapter instance
            // -- 
            CustomTransportAdapter adapter 
                           = new CustomTransportAdapter(this);

            // -- 
            // -- configure adapter 
            // -- 

         catch(Exception e)
            fatalError("cannot init. transport adapter", e);

This small amount of code once customized with your own XML transport mechanism provides a complete eBonding CMIP Agent Gateway which can communicate with your internal trouble ticketing and administration system. All you need to do now is implement the tML-TA and tML-ServiceTest XML interface in your trouble ticketing system.

For complete JavaDoc and implementation documentation for this API, please download the DynamicTMN® CMIP eBonding/TA Suite evaluation package.


EBTA/MLT Standards Supported

The eBonding/TA XML Agent Gateway API provides support for the following Electronic Bonding related standards:

  • ANSI T1.227: Trouble Administration Information Data Model
  • ANSI T1.228: Trouble Administration Service Interface
  • ANSI T1.262: Service Test Function/Mechanized Loop Test
  • ANSI T1.278-200X: Trouble Administration XML Schema (tML-TA)
  • ANSI T1.277-200X: ServiceTest XML Schema (tML-ServiceTest)
  • ANSI T1.TR-40: Electronic Bonding Security
  • CMIP/RFC1006: CMIP/OSI over TCP
  • and all additional standards required by the above.

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